What we offer

We're an end-to-end product development team with years of experience bringing excellent ideas to life. We specialize in solving complex problems for your users, using iterative processes to confidently identify product market fit. We know how to take your vision and build robust, reliable solutions that drive your product strategy and development further. We're excited to work with you, whether you're looking to reset product strategy on a years-old product, hoping to address technical debt and sustainability, or starting something brand new.

Who we are

Morgan Cohn - Product Manager

Morgan has worked on products for eleven years with deep experience in engaging user-focused experiences and end-to-end workflow solutions. She's led product for teams at places like New York magazine, Vox Media, and the New York Times. She has a strong track record of being able to translate needs into actionable problems with solid outcomes.

Shane Friedman - Software Engineer

Shane has been architecting and building complex user-facing systems for his entire career. After working on content management systems and dashboards for Amazon Music and YouTube Music, he led the New York Times engineering team responsible for the collaborative rich text editor that the newsroom used to produce stories for nytimes.com. He has worked in small, rapidly moving startup environments as well as large tech giants, and knows how to work alongside product, design, and other stakeholders to come up with the right solution for any problem.

How we work together

Discovery and consultation

We partner with you to deep dive into your business goals and the problems that you're trying to solve and ensure that you're investing in the best solutions possible.

Architecting solutions

We utilize our experience and skills to design and build product solutions that realize the power of your ideas, whether that means building out new systems from the ground up or devising plans for long term sustainability of existing products.

Looking to the future

We give you tools and strategies to be able to own and drive your product forward, both in short term and long term strategy.

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